Theatreworks Live Fall 2022 Classes

Dates: Saturday Mornings, October 1 – November 12
Performances: Please see details for each class.


Location:  Saint Matthew Lutheran Church, Bel Air MD (1200 E Churchville Rd, Bel Air MD)

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Only our acting classes currently have availability.  Theatreworks Junior and Musical Theatreworks classes are full.


Theatreworks JuniorTheatreworks Junior (Ages 5 – 8) $125
9:00AM – 10:00AM
Saturday, October 1 – November 12
In this high energy class young performers will explore acting, singing and dance through games, songs and movement exercises. They will showcase what they’ve learned in a performance for parents.

Presentation: November 12
(Tickets may be required for nominal fee to reserve seat.)

Acting - Improve your ImprovActing  (Ages 9 – 12) $125
Improve your Improv
9:00AM – 10:00AM
Saturday, October 1 – November 12
Give your imagination a blast of spontaneity!  Improvisation works to increase a child’s observation and concentration skills while freeing their imaginations!  Students will learn the basic rules of improvisation and then put them to use playing performance games. A fun, fast paced, funny class!

Presentation: November 12
(Tickets may be required for nominal fee to reserve seat.)

Musical Theatreworks  (Ages 9 – 12) $125
10:00AM – 11:00AM
Saturday, October 1 – November 12
Students will learn the basics of singing, dancing, and acting as they learn and stage numbers from broadways biggest musicals.

Presentation: November 12
(Tickets may be required for nominal fee to reserve seat.)

Teen ActingTeen Acting  (Ages 13 – 18) $125
10:00AM – 11:00AM
Saturday, October 1 – November 12
Acting requires many layers of understanding who a character is and why they do what they do. Character development is an actor’s connection to the world of the play and to the other actors in a scene, a monologue, or a song. In this class, actors will learn the tools necessary to bring a character to life- lots of questions, creativity, objectives, subtext, improv games, given circumstances, and tactics will be just some of the methods we will explore to advance our skills and understanding of how to make a character your own.

Presentation: November 12
(Tickets may be required for nominal fee to reserve seat.)


Tuition includes a non-refundable $20 Administrative fee.  Cancellations must be 15 days before class starts.  Full tuition will be refunded in case of cancellation due to insufficient enrollment.

Auditions – The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical


The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical

As the half-blood son of a Greek god, Percy Jackson has newly discovered powers he can’t control, a destiny he doesn’t want, and a mythology textbook’s worth of monsters on his trail. When Zeus’s master lightning bolt is stolen and Percy becomes the prime suspect, he has to find and return the bolt to prove his innocence and prevent a war between the gods. Adapted from the best-selling book The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan and featuring a thrilling original rock score, The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical is an action-packed mythical adventure “worthy of the gods”

Auditions: Saturday February 12th 12:30-4:30 PM
St Matthew Lutheran Church 1200 E Churchville Rd, Bel Air, MD 21014
This audition is open to Teens 13-18 years old (8th-12th grade)

  • Please prepare a one-minute song that showcases your voice. (Singing from the show is Ok)
  • Please bring an accompaniment/karaoke track (no voices). Sheet music is not necessary.
  • You will be asked to dance. Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes you can dance in.

There is no participation fee for this production but cast members will be asked to provide some costumes, and parent volunteer help is strongly encouraged.

Rehearsals: Saturdays 9AM-12, Monday and Thursday 6:30-8:30 pm, 3/21-5/28
Saturdays and Mondays will be at St. Matthews in Bel Air
Thursdays, Tech week and show will be at E-Street Dance Academy in Edgewood
Tech Week: May 31-June 4th
Show Dates: June 3-4th, 10th-11th


Please pre-register for your audition here:


  1. Percy Jackson: A teen demi-god, Son of Poseidon
  2. Annabeth Chase: A teen demi-god, Daughter of Athena
  3. Grover: Percys best friend, a Faun
  4. Mr D. God of Wine. Administrator of Camp Half Blood*
  5. Luke: A teen demi-god, Son of Hermes*
  6. Sally Jackson: Percys Mom*
  7. Mr Brunner/Chiron: A Centaur, Teacher at Camp Half Blood*
  8. Clarisse: A teen demi-god, Daughter of Hades*
  9. Silena Beauregard: A teen demi-god, Daughter of Demeter*
  10. Charon: Guardian of the Underworld*

Ensemble: Will play Gabe, Ares, The Minotaur, Mozart, James Brown, DJ Cerebus, The Oracle, Echinda, Poseidon, Hades, Aunty Em, Kronos, Mrs Dodds, Thalia, Bianca AND MORE
*These characters will also be in the ensemble

Theatreworks follows CDC recommendations and local restrictions. At this time masks will be required for rehearsals and clear masks will be provided for performances. Anyone exhibiting covid symptoms should not come to rehearsal. Those exposed to covid should quarantine and/or get a negative test before returning.

Fall 2020 Shows

Please join us this weekend for our final class shows this fall.  Only Clue requires a ticket.  Please consider donating in lieu of tickets for Pajama Party and Flat Stanley.

Pajama PartyPajama Party

Click here to Stream for Free  (Show will stream only during the following schedule.)

      • 11/27, 6PM
      • 11/28, 2PM
      • 11/28, 6PM
      • 11/29, 2PM
      • 11/29, 6PM



Flat StanleyFlat Stanley

Click here to Stream for Free (Show will stream only during the following schedule.)

      • 11/27, 7PM
      • 11/28, 3PM
      • 11/28, 7PM
      • 11/29, 3PM
      • 11/29, 7PM



CLUE – Candlestick Cast

Tickets Required: $10










CLUE – Revolver Cast

Tickets Required: $10

Theatreworks Live Summer Workshop Registration Deadlines


We are gearing up for a fantastic summer workshop at the end of June!  When classes are full, we will remove the ability to register for them.  In order to make sure we have enough instructors for your children, we will not be accepting in-person registration on the first day of class.

Last day to register: June 1, 2018

Register online now!



We want to get your children quickly going on the first day of workshops.  Paypal is our preferred payment method.  If you don’t have a paypal account and want to just pay with your debit or credit card, there is a link on the bottom of the paypal login page that allows you to do this.

Payment due: June 11, 2018

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All about “Honk! Jr.”

Theatreworks Live, a non-profit youth theatre serving Harford County, Maryland is pleased to be performing Honk! JR this summer.

This show is adapted for young performers.  Honk! JR. is a heartwarming celebration of being different that is sure to delight audiences of all ages with its sparkling wit, unique charm and memorable score.  Witty and hilarious, but also deeply moving, Honk! JR. will treat your audiences to equal amounts of laughter and tears.

Ugly looks quite a bit different from his darling duckling brothers and sisters. The other animals on the farm are quick to notice and point this out, despite his mother’s protective flapping. Feeling rather foul about himself, the little fowl finds himself on an adventure of self-discovery, all the while unknowingly outwitting a very hungry Cat. Along the way, Ugly meets a whole flock of unique characters and finds out being different is not a bad thing to be.

Honk! JR’s score is by George Stiles and Anthony Drewe (Mary Poppins)

Honk! Jr

Please see the following link for more information:

Winter Class Presentation

Hi Everyone! Our winter class presentation will proceed this Saturday with a small change to the schedule:
8:00 Drop off all students
9:30-10:30 Show

The presentation will be at THE HIGHLANDS SCHOOL on rt 543

Musical Theater and improv students should wear solid t shirts, black pants or jeans, jazz shoes or sneakers.
Junior Students (5-8) may choose to wear their animal’s colors, plus sneakers. No flip flops or boots.

Here are links to the songs we are singing this semester. Please Encourage your kids to practice!!!
Age 5-8
Its Showtime:
I Like to move it:

Age 9-12
Lightning Thief Prologue:

Good for you:
You will be found:

Combined Musical Theater
Bring on the Monsters

If you have any Questions, please text Miss Cathy using the remind act or email


TWL classes cancelled Saturday 3/3

All TWL classes are cancelled because of the storm. This may change our final show next week.. stay tuned.
Join our remind group for faster updates:
TEXT @twlw to (914) 618-5990
TEXT @twlw to 81010
or go to for an email reminder.

Stay safe!

Summer session last day and presentations

To TWL actors and parents….

We had to adjust our times for Friday at the Highlands school.

Our session Friday for rehearsal on the stage at the Highlands School is as follows:
Juniors arrive at 12:45, get picked up at 1:30.   Back for the evening performance by 6:30, meeting their coaches in the left hall.
The mids group comes in at 1:30 and gets picked up at 3:30, back by 7 pm to meet coaches in the left hall.
Teens are in at 2:30 and stay.
Everyone is welcome to watch all the performances.  I encourage especially the middle group to watch the teens to see where they will be some day soon!   And it would be lovely for the teens to watch the younger actors as well.
Show times are:  Teens perform at 6 pm
                            Juniors at 7 pm
                             Mids at 7:30 pm
The house will open about 5:45 pm for seating.