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After selecting your sponsorship level, you can customize the amount you wish to donate within that level.

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Production Donor- $5,000+
As a Production Donor, your substantial contribution directly sponsors a main stage production, allowing us to provide it free of charge to our talented performers. Your support ensures that the magic of theater comes to life on our stage.

Director Donor – $1,000-$4,999
As a Director Donor, your donation takes on a pivotal role in guiding our organization forward. This amount allows us to provide stipends to the hardworking staff who work with your children to create dance, music and staging for our productions.

Spotlight Donor – $500-$999
As a Spotlight Donor, your generous contribution shines a spotlight on our organization and helps us continue delivering exceptional performances. This amount helps us maintain all of the lighting and sound equipment that make our shows so beautiful.

Manager Donor – $250 to $499
As a Manager Donor, your contribution serves as a foundation for our continued success. Your support helps us manage essential operational costs, including venue rentals, administrative expenses, and storage fees, enabling us to create captivating experiences for our audience.

Sustainer Donor – $100 to $249
As a Sustainer Donor, your contribution provides critical support to sustain our mission and programs. Your generosity helps us cover a wide range of expenses, including script rentals, prop creation, and costume maintenance, ensuring that our productions continue to captivate and inspire.

Patron Donor – $99 and under
As a Patron Donor, your valued contribution is an essential part of our success. Every donation, regardless of size, makes a meaningful impact in supporting our organization’s efforts to cultivate confidence, creativity, and character in youth through the transformative power of theater.

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Patron $99 and under, Sustainer $100-$249, Manager $250-499, Spotlight $500-$999, Director $1000-$4999, Production $5000+