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Help us maintain our newly elevated seating by “adopting” a seat!

Your gift of $150 or more will go directly to supporting Theatreworks Live.

With your “Adopt-A-Seat” Gift, your name (or whomever you designate) will be commemorated on an engraved plaque. You may pick any available seat in the house to adopt. Your Adopted Seat Commemoration Plaque is a recognition of your support for the Theatreworks Live, visible for years to come.  All plaques will be affixed to the seat until 1/1/2030, at which time they will be moved to a wall plaque to honor your support.

This is a fully tax-deductible gift to Theatreworks Live. (501c3).

Simply select your seat, provide us with up to 3 lines of text. 30 characters at most per line.  (We reserve the right to edit your text if needed.  This is a children’s theater.)

Please note that adoption does not reserve this seat for booking at future performances.

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Start time: 18:00

End time: 20:00

Venue: The Warehouse Theatre @ E-Street