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Theatreworks Live, Inc. is a non-profit children’s musical theater program in Harford County Maryland.

Our company focuses on creating confidence, creativity and character through theatre for youth ages 5-18.

We operate exclusively for educational and charitable purposes, including for the general purposes of

  • promoting the welfare of children and youth in home, school, and community;
  • providing or facilitating the education for youth in the theatrical arts in a creative atmosphere with the aim of developing technical, artistic, instructive, and administrative skills;
  • maintaining a vital education program offering opportunities through instruction and performances;
  • working to explore each individual’s imagination, increase students’ sensitivity to their environment, and help build human understanding and interaction; and
  • teaching the importance of working as a group to reach a common goal


We typically have Fall and winter classes and a summer workshop where we teach theatre fundamentals and provide performance experience.  We also have an annual full production show.